Stainless Steel
Conveyor System
Thermoplastic chain with stainless steel frame
MODU System’s stainless steel conveyor system comprises of two distinct DS2 and DL2 streamlines assembly and installation time, which allows rapid and relaxed line modifications. MODU stainless steel conveyors can function easily at high speeds without lubrication.

Our Conveyor’s modular design comprehends trouble-free line configurations, site installation and maintenance making them cost effective and simple to use. MODU conveyors can be reconfigured or assembled in quite a less time using simple hand held tools.
Product Application
Stainless steel conveyor systems are suitable for a wide range of applications:
  • Application in packaged food handling
  • Application in the pharmaceutical industry where hygiene is extremely important
  • Application in the cosmetics industry
  • Application in industries where cleanliness, quick and easy cleaning is essential
Benefits of D Series Conveyor
  • Minimum dust accumulation thus easy to be cleaned
  • Low noise level and low power consumption
  • Ability to integrate with other application and device such as sensors and diverters
  • Flexible to install and match with site arrangement layout
  • Modular design for easy replacement of component parts, drives, idlers, wheel bends, wear parts, etc allows for flat packing to reduce shipping costs
  • Lightweight design
Product Selection
63mm Chain Width
63mm Thermoplastic chain with aluminum conveyor.
83mm Chain Width
83mm Thermoplastic chain with aluminum conveyor.
140mm Chain Width
140mm Thermoplastic chain with aluminum conveyor.
220mm Chain Width
220mm Thermoplastic chain with aluminum conveyor.
Stainless Steel Series Conveyor at work
Cooking oil line
Packaged food processing line
High speed can production line
Packaged food processing line
Multiple conveyor lines in dairy product
Specialized in
Conveyor System
We are specialized in manufacturing conveyor system of all specification range from mild steel structure to sleek appearance aluminum extrusion.