What we do
We are specialized in
Industrial Conveyor
and Automation
We believe in maximizing production and minimizing all potential losses by streamlining material flow in production process
The manufacturing world is changing, and so are its technology requirements.
A simple concept - Modular & Flexible
MODU System was established based on this concept to meet the ever increasing demand for conveyors that are easy to install & reconfigure, highly flexible, reliable, having an aesthetic look, easy to transport and yet economical to own.
Flexible Design - Simple Assembly
The conventional conveyor system is normally the belt & roller which is difficult to install and dismantle, expensive to build and maintain, and cannot be reconfigured.

With MODU System conveyors are modular and flexible, which make them very cost effective. The straights, supports, and bends are made up of various re-assembled components. Therefore a MODU System conveyor can be installed or reconfigured (realigned, extended or shortened) within a very short time-frame easily by using simple tools.
Faster Production
Efficient Workers
Efficient Workers
Cost is decrease